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Good Critic – Steve Hunt

My friend, Jane Cawthorne, produced her play Abortion Monologues in Calgary and sent a link to a review. Now the review happens to be a great example of an honest approach to theatrical criticism. No pretense at being objective or the biggest authority on theatre since Clive Barnes. It was written by Steve Hunt (blog […]

Bad Reviewers

I had the luxury of producing my play “Slut” several times in different venues and with two different actors. So I have lots of published reviews of the play and it reminds me how important it is to remember how differently people can react to the same work, and I believe strongly suggests that critics […]


Why do we tolerate a reviewer who pretends objectivity about a subjective art form? Why is it that we allow reviewers to avoid taking personal responsibility for their opinion? Why do we accept their right to decide the fate of a show when that decision is so much a matter of luck? Reaction to a […]