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Dads Taking Their Kids to the Theatre

Seattle Children’s Theatre has drafted their first lead quarterback, Brock Huard (Seattle Seahawks) , to lead their team to a victory.  The challenge is to attract more men, namely fathers and grandfathers, to the theater with their children.  Huard will be bringing his daughter Haley on February 19 to see “In the Northern Lands: Nordic Myths”.  Luckily the play’s description sounds better than the title.  The SCT News Release describes it as “intensely physical” using combat, swords and arial staging to tell epic stories of bravery, loyalty and courage.  Before the show, they’ll be serving “Dude Food”.  I don’t know what that is but it sounds fun.

Huard tells us, according to John Levesque in his blog, that we can credit his daughter Haley’s interest in theatre for being a part of Huard’s  participation.   She likes theatre and especially enjoyed the SCT’s production of Peter Pan over the holidays.

I hope this event is a stunning success and that the Seattle Children’s Theatre will find it useful to make this a regular event.  I imagine for men who share custody or are committed to developing a special relationship with their children,  it’s a challenge to come up with something special to do.  A night out at the theater might be a welcome addition to the repertoire, especially if the show can entertain Dad as well as the kids.

I look forward to reading more about how the event went.

Your thoughts and ideas are a welcome contribution to this and other discussions about popular theatre so please feel free to comment.

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