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Art, theatre, culture revitalizes and rebuilds desolate beaten-down urban areas throughout the country

You wouldn’t think that the most cash strapped, under supported industry would be the one thing that can bring life back to the most forgotten part of a town but all across the country and the world, smart cities are asking artists to blaze a trail into derelict urban environments. […]

Dads Taking Their Kids to the Theatre

I imagine for men who share custody or are committed to developing a special relationship with their children, it’s a challenge to come up with something special to do. A night out at the theater might be a welcome addition to the repertoire, especially if the show can entertain Dad as well as the kids. […]

Is Diane Paulus our Savior?

I think she is, I really think our savior has come and her name is Diane Paulus.

Okay, when I first heard of her I felt – I wish I could say exultant but – bitter envy.

Here is a woman who seems to be actually doing what I only hoped to do, make theatre […]

Good Critic – Steve Hunt

My friend, Jane Cawthorne, produced her play Abortion Monologues in Calgary and sent a link to a review. Now the review happens to be a great example of an honest approach to theatrical criticism. No pretense at being objective or the biggest authority on theatre since Clive Barnes. It was written by Steve Hunt (blog […]

Bad Reviewers

I had the luxury of producing my play “Slut” several times in different venues and with two different actors. So I have lots of published reviews of the play and it reminds me how important it is to remember how differently people can react to the same work, and I believe strongly suggests that critics […]